Acrylic Intermediate – Iris

This lesson is a little more than beginner level, but if you have done some shading in the past you should be able to do this lesson just fine. Background Tinting Tinting the background is optional and you would have to wait for it to dry, but a very pale, pastel, lavender hue is pleasing on the final product. Add just a touch of color to a dollop of white. Mix well if you want a consistent...
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Ball Jar

Acrylic Beginner – Blooms

First Phase Background Start with Background Top 2/3 of canvas French Ultramarine Blue, Magenta, Cadmium Yellow, Titanium White overlapping stripes up & down. Brush on Vertically. Soften colors together with a dry brush blending in the same direction as you go. Bottom 1/3 mix French Ultramarine Blue, Magenta, and a touch of Cadmium Yellow, mixed to a violet grey. Brush on lower part of...
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Orchid Lesson

Watercolor Beginner – Masking

First Phase Sketch & Mask Transfer or draw image of orchid onto paper or canvas. Using Utrecht Watercolor Paint Masking Fluid, apply around the edge of the flower. No need to block in whole flower, just the outline, then use care when painting around the masked area. Let mask dry thoroughly before painting. Tip: Masking fluid can ruin your brush. It's best to use an inexpensive brush to...
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Watercolor Cat

Watercolor Intermediate – Layering Light to Dark

First Phase Sketch How are your drawing skills? Although it is very handy to learn good drawing skills before painting, being able to copy existing sketches will do just fine for this lesson. Get good definition around the eye during this phase, which is easier to maintain than to create in the later phases. I suggest drawing your cat on regular drawing paper first. Then once your drawing is...
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