Acrylic Beginner – Blooms

Blooming roses in a Ball jar

First Phase


Start with Background
Top 2/3 of canvas

French Ultramarine Blue, Magenta, Cadmium Yellow, Titanium White overlapping stripes up & down.

Brush on Vertically.

Soften colors together with a dry brush blending in the same direction as you go.

Bottom 1/3 mix French Ultramarine Blue, Magenta, and a touch of Cadmium Yellow, mixed to a violet grey.

Brush on lower part of canvas horizontally evenly, back & forth.

Let dry completely.

Second Phase

Dots for Roses

Imagine the bouquet as it will sit in the jar (see final phase).

Drop a dot of dark color of your choice in each spot where your rose center will be.

Don’t forget the rose lying on the table.

You will be pulling color out from the center of each dot to make the petals.

Get the spacing of the dots right and the flowers will explode right out of those dots.

Third Phase

Pull Out

Brush each center out with a flat brush, add a little white. Start in center of each flower & work out.

Brush strokes toward outside, moving out. Do each flower. Add a hint of color to white. Add white to brush pull out flower to desired width & size.

Let the strokes overlap. The overlaps build depth.

Rinse brush, dry off excess water before painting next flower.

Fourth Phase


Use flat or round tip flat brush for leaves.

Mix (not thoroughly) green using Cadmium Yellow & French Ultramarine Blue so that you get variation in the color.

Imagine where the stem meets the flower and add the leaves to the hidden stems.

Leaves come out from behind the flowers.

Leaves can be different sizes.

Fifth Phase

Add Stems

Stems in vase: Use same green as leaves, but add yellow.

For one stem also add in violet, laying down stem in greens.

Stem in front of jar: Use same green as leaves, but add yellow.

Use small round brush or side of a wire. Created a stem with some movement. Not straight but in almost an S shape.

Allow all to dry.

Sixth Phase


Make mixed color black (Phthalo Blue & a dark red) to use to outline glass jar. Do the whole outline lightly.

Then add white to black outline for reflection.

Work slowly, this is the hard part, but it makes the picture!

Add white to flowers to make larger and add highlights.

Final Phase

Name and Detail

Create word “Ball” on glass jar.

Paint letters with color mix violet black using small round brush. Paint white highlights just like jar outline.

Now add your signature to the bottom of the painting and show it off!

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